My name is Nicoline Schoonderwoerd. In 2001, I founded TACOM (Training, Advies Coaching Op Maat). What drives me is to help organisations and their employees develop themselves. Key to my approach is connection. Connection to yourself, but also to others, the organisation and the objectives of that organisation. I have experienced that this approach leads to long lasting results.

Over the past years, I have met fellow trainers with the same vision, which is the foundation of our cooperation. Because we have the same views regarding our profession, we are well aware of the desires of organisations, and we can better meet the growing demand.

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Saskia Elberse

I provide training and coaching programmes focused on communication and management. Connecting to others is always an important part of that. How can you work on your own behavioural patterns and how can you adapt yourself to others successfully? It is my strength to create a safe learning environment where I can challenge people to experiment with new skills and behaviour.

Raymond van Driel

I have coached organisations and employees as an (improvisation) trainer, teacher, keynote speaker and coach since 2000.
It is my passion to help people develop important skills and insights in order to become a more effective person and work together in a more enjoyable way. I like to challenge participants to try new behaviour and skills.

Marcella Bos

Being a true teamplayer, I love working together. It always feels like a privilege for me to contribute to the connection of people. Connection with themselves, connection with their teammates and connection with the organisation. Helping people and teams grow in their power through that connection is what makes me a happy person.  

Leonie Gebbink

I am a trainer/coach with a background in theatre. My specialties are experienced-based learning, personal effectiveness and team development. Getting to what is important in a fast, purposeful, calm and sensible manner without being afraid to dig a little deeper are key to my approach. I like to teach participants that learning can be fun.