Choose for trainings with lasting results

TACOM provides tailor-made training programmes that contribute to a lasting change in behaviour, thinking, and above all: actions.

Organisations are always moving forward in order to remain connected with a constantly evolving world. One of the most fundamental transitions is the shift from directive management to self-managing teams who are in control of themselves and their actions. This requires great effort, because changing the way of leadership, communication and cooperation does not go automatically. Connection is the deciding factor in all of this. Connection to yourself, connection to others and connection to the organisation and the objectives of that organisation.

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Result through connection

A training programme by TACOM is more than just acquiring new skills. It is mostly about the participants wanting to change and seeing that change in behaviour is a shared responsibility. The starting point of this is getting a good view of your own behaviour and its effect on the cooperation with others. That view creates connection and space to change or reinforce your own behaviour. The base of each training programme are the objectives of the organisation and personal learning goals. More and more organisations book a training by TACOM thanks to this vision combined with our hands-on approach.

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The professional approach of TACOM has not necessarily changed the department, but it has definitely changed the people’s awarenesses. It is an enrichment to you as a person, but also to the entire department, which hugely improves the general atmosphere within the organisation.

Eimert Smits, Agrifirm