Vision and approach

The world is constantly moving forward, which requires us to be flexible. At the same time however, we are creatures of habit who like to hold on to familiar patterns. Therefore, it is needless to say that changing one’s behaviour is a difficult and demanding task for everyone involved.

That is why trainings that are merely focused on the acquisition of new skills are not enough. At the end of the programme, participants are inspired and enthusiastic, but after a few weeks, many fall back into their old patterns. A lasting result can only be achieved if the participants really want to change permanently and if everyone - both the participants and the organisation - realize that change is a shared responsibility. Being aware of your own behaviour and taking responsibility for that behaviour as well as connecting with yourself and others are important parts of that.

Practical and focused on results

Looking at things from this perspective, it is self-evident that TACOM pays a lot of attention to the process prior to each training programme. What do we want to achieve with those changes in behaviour and how do we connect those to our personal learning goals? In what pace do we do that and how do we make sure that everybody gets involved? By asking these questions, we create a clear view of the result we aim to achieve and we can make a training programme that perfectly fits your needs and desires.

TACOM will always keep as close to reality as possible. In this way, we can practice in a safe environment with familiar situations.